Share Structure

As of November 02, 2020
  • Common shares:
  • Share purchase options (1):
  • Restricted share units (2,3):
  • Performance share units (4):
  1. Each share purchase option is exercisable into one common share of the Company.
  2. Each restricted share unit is redeemable for one common share of the Company.
  3. The balance includes both Restricted Share Units ("RSUs") and Employee Restricted Share Units ("ERSUs") issued under the Restricted Share Unit Plan ("RSU Plan") and the Employee Share Unit ("ESU Plan"), respectively.
  4. The number of performance share units that vest is determined by multiplying the number of units granted to the participant by an adjustment factor, which ranges from 0 to 2.0. Therefore, the number of units that will vest and be settled may be higher or lower than the number of units originally granted to a participant. The adjustment factor is based on the Company's total shareholder return relative to a group of comparable companies over the applicable period. Under the terms of the plan, the Board of Directors is authorized to determine the adjustment factor.